XTE Blaze – Version ‘X’ Custom Firmware For Nokia 5800 V50

Release Info:

Category: Cooked ROM
Platform: S60v5
Model: Nokia 5800
F/W: 50.0.005
XTE Release count: 7th
Release type: Lite (Minimal Size)
Class: Speed Booster
Previous release: XTE Innovate

Overall Tested Results:

60MB+ average RAM
75MB+ C: drive (without UDA)
Blazing fast speed
Stable Performance
Added tweaks for ease of access


1. 7 Homscreens pack added
2. OVI Contacts Disabled
3. Music player searching only E:\Sounds\Music
4. Added java permissions mod
5. Disabled widget security warnings
6. Browser cache moved to E:
7. Improved caching on all drives
8. RAM Cache moved back to C: for faster performance
9. Disabled My Nokia Service
10. Zero startup of background applications
11. Added more menu items (Themes, Profiles and Conn. mgr)
12. Auto delete of FOTA reserved space (Free upto 5MB of space on C drive)
13. Default File Manager modded to view all system files on the MMC
14. Send SIS, SISX, JAR files via default file manager
15. OVI store fully working. Update it if new version is available
16. No Startup or Shutdown animations or tone (for faster booting)
17. Auto optimization of RAM cache for keeping up your phone faster even after heavy usage
18. Default Bluetooth name changed to “Blaze”
19. Streamlined ROM for excellent performance (No unnecessary applications pre-installed)
20. Auto creation of cache folders and “Music” folder in E:\sounds\ (Keep your tracks there)
21. Camera RAM Mod added (Camera does not eat RAM Cache after being closed)
22. Camera Improved (Take high quality snapshots)
22. Video Recorder Improved (Do high Quality Video Recordings)
23. Browser can be landscaped even when sensors are turned off
24. Lightning fast screen rotation
25. More settings in sensor Settings (Tapping control added)
26. Excellent and Super Smooth Theme effects – Glide (Do turn them ON)
27. Disabled lock/unlock vibration
28. Disabled keypad lights (Saves power)
29. Optimised Startup resources (Few less used processes are disabled to gain RAM)
30. Re-enabled usefull processes (dataconnectionlogger.exe and voicecommands.exe)
31. The 3 Icons Homescreen Disabled (As it makes the Contacts Bar HS all messed up)
32. Optimized System Heap size and reduced application close delay time
33. Highly Optimized Ram Cache (Now get upto 62MB RAM even after heavy using, Use RAM Blow)
34. Application frame rates improved for better application Performance and gaming improvements
35. System Libraries Load further optimized (This will not let the CPU become overloaded)
36. Many RomPatcher Patches added (except c2z and kastorUI)
37. Default Homescreen set to Vodafone (See 2nd screenshot)
38. Home Screen Orientation Fixed (Home screen landscape mod disabled)
39. Install major Unsigned SIS & SISX Files Without Certificate & Key (swiploicy modded, successfull upto 99%)
40. Menu Layout – Xtreme Menu (Get Pre-added folders with new icons)
41. Browser automatically picks up broken download
………………..and much more!!!

Applications and other:

No preinstalled applications only new modded ROM Patcher+
Just one theme – Fibre with Glide theme effects


1. Nothing in ROFS2, only customizations (Only Mods present in ROFS2 so that developer can use it)
2. ROFS3: Just the theme (Add anything you want!)

Rom Patcher Patches:

Activate 2themes.rmp
Block GPRS & WLAN.rmp
Lock Bluetooth.rmp
c2z4bin THUMB.rmp
Increase Call log.rmp
Deny New Installation.rmp
Disable Enh Note.rmp
Disable Logs.rmp
Disable USSD Notes.rmp
Global Note Fix.rmp
Hide menu.rmp
Install Server RP+.rmp*
LCD Light ON.rmp
LCD OFF Charge Complete.rmp
No Blank Password.rmp
No Profile SwitchNote.rmp
Open4All RP+.rmp*
Remove Record Tone.rmp
Remove Red LED.rmp
Reset On Power Long Press.rmp
Deactivate Settings.rmp
Short Multi Tap.rmp
Disable USB.rmp
Activate Bass Effects.rmp
Phone Reboot.rmp

Important Notice:

1. For newbies, those who do not have full knowledge in flashing custim firmwares, Read this first!
2. Before flashing, backup your MMC and delete these folders first from your MMC (Resource, sys, system, private)
3. After flash when the country selection menu occurs, please wait for 5 seconds. The screen will turn grey twice. This is the indication that you are ready to go. Select your country now and set date and time.
4. Now the homescreen will appear, please wait at least 10 seconds before pressing any keys.
***This is very important for the first time boot optimizations.
(Task No. 2, 3 and 4 is only a one time task required during the 1st bootup after flash or hardreset)
Please don’t ignore this



By Upakul

  • cyber_avijit

    I am looking forward to this CFW release “X” Before this i was using Innovate. Hope this will be much better. Thanx for this release. I will be flashing today. If any bug found will let u know.

  • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

    Thanks let us know the updates :) Will improve the firmware :)

  • cyber_avijit

    There is a request to turn on the light on keypad. Means call end and menu button. Or please provide the TXT file and the procedure. Thankx

  • cyber_avijit

    Can you Please turn on the lights on the keypad-call,end and menu key. Please provide the updated file.

  • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

    Will tell Upakul and get you update soon :)

  • cyber_avijit

    Thank you. i will be waiting for that and after that i will flash

  • neobuddy89

    C2Z patch didnt work on previous version of XTE…. I wl try to enable on this one.. lets see 😀

  • noov

    hello i am noob at nokia 5800 hacking :) Please someone can tell my what is backup your MMC??

  • noov

    i dont know how to instal custom firmware someone can help me ??

  • noov

    i need custom firmware for better performance, better cam quality, video recording, louder sound, :) please someone help, give skype tell me step by step what i have to doo :)

  • Gautam. R. Kumar

    OMG this is the best CFW i guess for v50… nice work guys keep it up!!!!! :) on a scale of 10, u get 10…..

  • Jack

    GIVE CREDIT to the maker, WHO IS NOT THIS POSTER!!!!!

  • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

    What you mean bro ? I have used his name UPAKUL is the poster he is my friend too any problem ?

  • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

    Thats a great rating Gautam :)

  • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

    YOu need to know how to install ?? plz refer this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Opl2daClHT0

  • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

    See this video bro :)

  • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

    copy your memory card to your pc

  • Maxim

    Hey bro… i have a 5800 with ofw 50.0.005 and RM-356… now i want to install a custom firmware… can i do it? or do i have to downgrade or sth? and is it possible to delete the cft after it is on my phone? peace

  • Depoy

    can i just rename “RM-356_50.0.005_C03_prd.rofs3.fpsx” to “RM-356_50.0.005_C01_prd.rofs3.fpsx” and “RM-356_50.0.005_prd.rofs2.V19” to “RM-356_50.0.005_prd.rofs2.V22” then flash it??…….

  • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

    Yes flash

  • Devboyz21

    After i flash my device using this CFW, my security code isnt default anymore (default 12345). What the security code? thankz b 4..

  • nikhil

    heyy buddy i hv rm 356 and my phone is not getting these files what i hv to do

  • http://lovemynokia.com/ Siraj Soft

    flash it

  • Nischal

    this is the CFW that i love and which works the way i would love it to work.. but the battery life has gone down after i used this. any suggestions? But seriously i love this

  • Guest

    how to add “find” in “music player” plz help

  • Chris Heyward

    First of all… Nice! I love the Voda homescreen. If I could figure out to change Voda's pre-defined web shortcut to anything I want, it would be flawless. One problem I am getting though is a constant App Settings pop-up every 5 mins in a language I cannot understand. How do I stop it?

  • Chris Heyward

    Its to do with the Voda homescreen. Happens on all CFW's with it

  • Thian Kiat

    I would like to try out this version if it contain Chinese language pre-installed…. please support chinese language… T.T

  • bonkid2

    are you gautamhans1 in mobile9..??

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