XTE v1.0 – Xtreme Engineering 1.0 Custom Firmware for 5800 with nice additions



I. Internal:

1. New Improved Kinetic Scrolling
2. Improved System Startup
3. Greatly Increased Browser Cache, moved to E:\
4. Very Improved Camera Quality
5. Silent Camera Snap (Put in silent when capture)
6. Changed Default theme
7. Increasd System Memory Heap Size and decreases Application Delay and Close Time
8. Disabled widgets security warnings

9. All java permissions allowed
10. Disabled automatic SMS sending by Nokia
11. Disabled Lock Unlock vibration
12. Very Optimized system cache on E:\
13. Changed open applications dialog
14. Disabled keyboard light
15. Modified startup and shutdown images*
13. Bluetooth name changed
14. Disabled background apps startup for better RAM
15. Startup sound increased
16. Lightning fast screen rotation
17. Music Player only searching E:\sounds\My Music
18. Many Homescreens*
19. Many Patches Added
20. Xtreme Menu layout added
21. Quick access to settings applications
22. Improved Application runtime frame rates and Gaming performance
23. Option to landscape browser even on sensors turned off
24. More options in sensor settings
25. Ram cache upgraded
26. Camera now dosent eat RAM after it is closed
27. 3 icons added to all homescreens
29. English only version
30. Super fast screen rotation
31. Optimised All Drive Cache
32. Preconfigured Bluetooth Device Name (XTE Engine32)
33. Rom Patcher Patches (Installserver and Open4all auto pre-enabled at sartup
34. Many Rom Patcher Patches added

II. Applicaions:

1. Bright Light
2. ScreenSnap
3. Virtual Keyboard
4. File Browser
5. X-Plore
6. Kill Me
7. Mirror
8. Converter
9. Speedometer
10. Memory Status
11. Slide Unlock
12. BTSwitch

III. Themes and More

1. Ultimate theme added
2. Navigator theme added
3. Four New Homescreens added
1. Orange
2. Navigation Bar
3. Full page
4 Omnia
4. Spinsidle-Rain Effects

IV. Rom Patcher Patches

1. 1Starter.rmp
2. 2themes.rmp
3. Block GPRS & WLAN.rmp
4. Bluetooth Locker.rmp
5. c2z4bin THUMB.rmp
6. c2z (1.1).rmp
7. Call log.rmp
8. Deny New Installation.rmp
9. DisableEnhNote.rmp
10. Disable Logs.rmp
11. Disable USSD Notes.rmp
12. Global Note Fix.rmp
13. Hide menu.rmp
14. Install Server RP+.rmp*
15. KastorUI.rmp
16. LCD Light ON.rmp
17. LCD OFF Charge Complete.rmp
18. No Blank Password.rmp
19. No Profile SwitchNote.rmp
20. Open4All RP+.rmp*
21. Remove Record Tone.rmp
22. Remove red LED ON 5800.rmp
23. Reset On Power Long Press.rmp
24. Settings Deactivate.rmp
25. Short Multi Tap for 5800.rmp
26. USB Data Disable.rmp

V. Results that you will get:

1. Most Stable as ever
2. Many changes many improvements
3. Optimized for better RAM handling
4. System libraries load optimized so better performance
5. 70MB RAM at startup (Average 62MB, use RAM blow)
6. Few changes in Application RAM caching that will prevent your phone from slowing down after heavy using!!

VI. Screenshots

1. The boot and shutdown gif files are located on C:/boot. Change them as you want
2. If you want faster startup and shutdown then remove c:/boot

XTE 1.0 : Download
Flash both rofs2 and rofs3 files. Rename the files to the names of your firmware files if the names do not match
Enjoy the firmware

Upakul talukdar